Partner search
  • Extensive international business network
  • Access to markets, market players
  • We understand both businesses and research organizations
  • Market research capacity
    1. Market entry services - one stop shop for companies entering the Hungarian market: From the first inquiries to finding the physical company site we assist you through the process which may involve:
  • - First consultation
  • - Market research
  • - Legal, taxation, personell advisory
  • - Company site search
  • - Company registration advisory
  • - Company registration
  • - Head-hunting
  • - Advising on funding and government support schemes
  • - Fund raising
  • - Partner search and many more
    2. B2B partner search: through the combination of desk research and personal interviews. The search may contain the following elements:
  • Preparation of short list of potential partners: Based on your briefing, we prepare the screening guideline for you to approve. After your approval a short list of potential partners is prepared and sent to you electronically. The list contains: company name, contact details, scope of activity, indication on size of business, topline business details (brands or products represented, manufacturer or distributor etc.).
  • Detailed review of top 5 potential partners selected by client including company overview, public accounting, economic and financial data. Report is handed over electronically.
  • Conducting in-depth interviews with selected partners in form of a personal meeting according to a pre-agreed questionnaire. Data is presented in a report handed over electronically.
    3. Business to Research - partner search
  • Finding contract research partners
  • Licensing in: Due to our extensive strategic partnership network as well as international industrial relations, our company receives Technology Requests on a regular basis. PRO’s represent great knowledge and expert pools as well as scientific and technical solutions businesses are willing to acquire to improve their competitiveness. Our mission is to build a bridge between the need and the capacity, thus facilitating technology and knowledge transfer from PRO’s to the industry.
  • Project partners for public funds
    4. Research to business
  • Research institutions as well as private companies may decide to offer their Intellectual Properties for utilization in form of a license agreement or sales agreement.
    • Technology Transfer service may include the following:
    • Technology benchmarking
    • Technology-transfer strategy development
    • Sales of Technology via technology transfer networks
    • Registration in international TT databases
    • Industrial matchmaking
    • Industrial partner search
    • Representation in professional events
  • Finding business partners for Horizon 2020 programs
    5. Research to Research
  • Finding research partners for Horizon 2020 programs